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About Us

WRISKY carries all watch related accessories from watch mod parts to watch straps to watch stands and anything watch related. We aim to provide a one stop shopping experience to all watch enthusiast like myself.


WRISKY is a combination of Wrist and Risky. We want all watch enthusiast to try out different variation of straps. From metal bracelets to leather straps to NATO straps to our Wrisky Elastic Military Strap. There are so many different types of straps, why limit yourself? Change up the strap to give your old watch a new life. Change up the strap to dress down/up your outfit!

Let's all take the risk and try something new in life! 

 Our Promises

We aim to bring our customers high quality products at the most competitive pricing. As a watch enthusiast, we buy a lot of accessories and straps to complement our beloved watches and hence, accumulated many wasted packaging. WRISKY tries to minimize fanciful packaging, ensuring that product will be delivered safely, to help a part to reduce waste. By doing so, we are also able to bring over the cost savings to our customers which explains our competitive pricing.

Our Story

Being watch lovers and intrigued by how watch accessories can change up the entire look of a watch, two friends (whom met in the army) decided to start up a watch accessory company to sell a variety of watch straps/.parts at affordable prices to fellow watch enthusiast who enjoys customizing their watches and change things around.